International Industry Credit Groups

Connecting FCIB members in like industries selling to like customers, International Industry Credit Groups provide the forum to discuss industry trends, commercial credit challenges and credit and risk issues on a country-by-country basis.

Why Belong to an International Industry Specific Credit Group or Credit Circle

Balancing risk in a global environment is never easy and on-the-ground information is sometimes difficult to get. FCIB members trade in a volatile, global marketplace and the recent credit crisis has clearly demonstrated the need to share market intelligence. Knowledge sharing among executives selling into the same industries is the key to adding to existing market intelligence. This, coupled with the expertise of group members, provides a more rounded view of the customer and allows for better decision making when it comes to setting global credit limits.

Why Should I Join

The bottom line is that increased knowledge helps credit managers to assess potential risk, mitigate potential bad debts and A/R write offs.

FCIB’s industry-specific credit groups allow exporters to meet in a controlled environment to share historical information on mutual customers and analyze current trade and collection issues country-by-country. All industry groups are managed according to strict guidelines to ensure compliance with antitrust laws and regulations which govern the behavior of individuals subscribing to these groups.

Active FCIB Credit Groups/Circles

FCIB membership is required to qualify for membership in an industry credit group or credit circle

  • Chemicals, Plastics and Synthetic Fiber Exporters

Where and When

Group meetings usually coincide with FCIB’s conferences although the frequency and location of such meetings vary by group. In Europe, industry groups meet at the close of conferences. Each group is run according to members’ wishes but within FCIB guidelines. An FCIB staff member, usually a Director, facilitates meetings and minutes are recorded and kept on file.

Cost of Membership

In addition to your FCIB membership fee, a small administration fee of $125 is payable each year.

Start a New Group

If you are interested in forming a new credit group/circle, please contact us. FCIB’s powerful global membership network may be willing to collaborate within the following industry sectors:

  • IT Industry
  • Metals
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Agri-foods
  • Clothing Manufacturers/Apparel/Fashion
  • Engineering/Steel
  • Paper/Packing/Print Industry
  • Capital Equipment Industry
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