Global Corporate Membership

Training a global credit team is no easy task. FCIB’s educational products have a proven track record of producing the finest credit professionals across the World. FCIB supports credit professionals in their career progression to achieve “best in class” whilst also acting in partnership with you.

Unlimited Global Corporate Membership

For an annual fee of only $2,500, a company extending international trade credit can enroll an unlimited number of its worldwide credit team members in FCIB. Regardless of where they are based or how many there are, members have 24/7 access to FCIB’s online educational platforms and programs at reduced rates.

What are the benefits?

FCIB’s programs assist credit professionals in growing their skills through online educational courses, webinars and teleconferences or at live conference events, workshops and roundtables by giving them access to the best international credit training in its category. View additional member benefits.


How to achieve excellence in global credit teams

You can begin by engaging with FCIB’s International Credit & Risk Management online course (ICRM). FCIB understands the needs and challenges of today’s credit risk managers and this comprehensive, in-depth 13-week course offers:

  • Vital, up-to-date knowledge in a collaborative, accessible learning environment
  • Peer-to-peer interaction building better credit teams and strengthening a reliable network of professionals
  • A 360° view of credit and risk management
  • A more balanced view of managing and mitigating credit risks associated with doing business internationally. In simple terms – know the risks of getting paid, and get paid on time.

Continuing Professional Development offered through:

  • Live webinar events on up-to-the-minute topics of interest (also available in our On Demand digital library)
  • Live quarterly teleconferences on the global economic outlook (also available in our On Demand digital library)
  • Live roundtables/workshops to discuss current topics of interest (topics vary each year)
  • Live European and US conferences where fellow trade credit and risk professionals meet in a collaborative and educational environment

Sample webinar topics available 24/7 in FCIB’s On Demand Library

  • Alternative Methods of Payment: When Unsecured Open-Account Terms Are Too Risky, What do You Do?
  • Assessing Key Financial Information—The Balance Sheet and Beyond
  • BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) and International Trade Finance—Effects on Credit Risk Management
  • Collection Issues around the World
  • Combating Money Laundering: How Well Are You Managing Your Company’s Risk
  • Credit Investigations in the Middle East—A “Best Practices” Guide

What does FCIB’s Unlimited Corporate Membership do for our organization?

  • Helps improve DSO
  • Helps improve relationships between Sales, Credit Control, Treasury, Finance and Customer Service
  • Helps facilitate the sale to grow the bottom line
  • Helps implement a strong corporate credit policy which is compliant and ethical
  • Helps manage a large multi-national A/R portfolio
  • Helps examine and carry out benchmarking exercises
  • Helps to “Know your Customer” by assessing the risk (Country and Customer)
  • Helps provide a platform for OTC (order to cash) directors and credit directors to raise the level of credit management performance of embedded and shared service credit teams with focused educational offerings.

Monitoring your team’s progress is easy. All FCIB members have access to their online personal records, which tracks points earned through continuing professional development. This can be printed off or emailed to the relevant line manager at any time.

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