Academy of Global Credit

The Academy of Global Credit offers a selection of free member webinars on a variety of topics, ranging from basic to advanced subjects such as letters of credit, incoterms, regulation and compliance, country risk to trending best practices. A core of basic topics anchors the academy with new advanced topics added to keep the offerings fresh.

Visit FCIB’s on-demand webinar library to find a full range of webinar content available for purchase at member rates and check out FCIB’s “live” webinar offerings by visiting the Events Calendar.

Trade Credit Risk - December 2023

December 2023 edition with Jay Tenney.

AI as the New Macro - Implications for the Global Economy

November 2023 edition with Kevin Hebner.

Political Hot Spots

October 2023 edition with Chris McKee.

Sector Outlook in Central Europe

September 2023.

Trade Credit Risk

September 2023.

Currency Risk

August 2023.

Political Hot Spots

July 2023.

Trade Credit Risks

June 2023 edition with Jay Tenney, Trade Risk Group.

Currency Risk

May 2023 edition with Fred Dons, Deutsche Bank.

Trade Credit Risk

March 2023 edition with Jay Tenney.

Inflation, Stagflation, Recession: What Is Ahead

Protect Your Company Through the Ongoing Supply Chain Crisis

In Flux: the Global Economy, Climate Change and Pandemic Aftershocks

Mastering US Export Administration Regulations

Modern Power Point Best Practices

Predictive Default Risk Modeling

Russian Sanctions Part 2: Navigating Financial Challenges

Russian Sanctions Part 1: Navigating Logistics Fallout

Navigating US Sanctions

Currency Risks

February 2023 edition with Fred Dons.

FCIB Workshop: Automated Collection Processes

2022 Chemical Industry Outlook

The Current Headache of International Supply Chain Issues: What you Need to Know

Political Hot Spots

January 2023 edition with Chris McKee.

Automated Scoring Models (Part 1)

Automated Scoring Models (Part 2)

Building a Successful Automation Strategy: Day 1

Building a Successful Automation Strategy: Day 2

Trade Credit Risk

December 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

Insolvency Law in UAE

Insolvency Law in Italy

Insolvency in France

Insolvency Law in Germany

Insolvency Law in Brazil

Insolvency in Turkey

Insolvency Law in India

Currency Risks

November 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Money is Power: Can a country’s culture increase the risk of payment defaults?

Insolvency Practice in Hong Kong

Bankruptcy Law in China

Insolvency in Australia

Order to Cash Metrics: Current and Future Models (Part 1)

Order to Cash Metrics: Current and Future Models (Part 2)

Political Risk

October 2022 edition with Chris McKee.

COVID-19’s Impact on Business in Europe

Country Risks Around the World

Doing Business in the U.K.

How Creditors Can Unlock Access to 1,000-times More Credit Risk Data

Trade Credit Risk

September 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

General Terms and Conditions in International Contracts

Why Order to Cash is not a Finance Issue

Best Practices for International Risk Mitigation

Currency Risk

August 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Financial Shenanigans

Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees

Geopolitical Risks & Hot Spots

July 2022 edition with Antje Seiffert-Murphy, CFA.

OFAC, UN & EU Embargos

Export Compliance & Regulations: Part 1

Dual Use Goods

Export Compliance & Regulations: Part 2

Bank instruments Embargo, Blacklists

Export Compliance & Regulations: Part 3.

FATCA & Trade Based Money Laundering

Export Compliance & Regulations: Part 4.

Trade Credit Risk

June 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.
Global Credit Collections For Decentralized Management Systems Multi-Location Shared Service Centers

Intelligent International Credit Decisions

Currency Risk

May 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Understanding Incoterms: Basics for Global Operations

World Trade REF
April 2022 edition.

Assessing International Risk

Going Global Series

Financial Information to Assist International Credit Decisions

Going Global Series

Trade Credit Risk

March 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.
Know Your Customer
Going Global Series

International Credit Policy Basics

Going Global Series

Currency Risk

February 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Partnering Strategies for Increased Recovery with Third-Party Collections

Legal Obstacles to International Collections

Political Hot Spots

January 2022 edition with Christiane von Berg.

Navigating Economic Sanctions Successfully

Best Practices in the Credit Management Process

Trade Credit Risk
September 2021 edition with Jay Tenney.

Argentina, Brazil & Chile: Legal and Credit Perspectives

Best Credit Management Practices in Turkey

Currency Risks

November 2021 edition with Fred Dons.
International Business Ethics: Part 1

International Business Ethics: Part 2

Demystifying Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code

Currency Risks

August 2021 edition with Fred Dons.
Basics of Trade Credit Insurance

Doing Business in India

Political Hot Spots

July 2021 edition with Carolyne Spackman.

Doing Business in Mexico

Advanced Letters of Credit

Trade Credit Risk

June 2021 edition with Jay Tenney.

Basic Letters of Credit

Documentary Collections

Currency Risk
May 2021 edition with Fred Dons.
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